Monday, October 6, 2008

What's been going on?

Well, we've been busy, what else is new?

Mr. E has been busy mastering tying his shoelaces and does a great job!

Miss A has a loose tooth! Her first! She's extremely excited! (picture to come when the tooth comes out).

Miss E has been helping out by wiping down the table and vacuuming under the dining room table each night - she is such a tremendous help!

Miss A and Mr. A found a new form of transportation to enjoy...

And, every year the children get to each choose one ornament to add to our collection and this year we picked them out early. We were at Hobby Lobby looking for buttons for some dresses I plan to make for the girls (incidentally their button selection is tiny and we didn't find any buttons to match the dress fabric), but we did see the aisles of Christmas decorations and took a brief look. Mr. E found one he really liked and since the selection will only diminish as the days tick away toward Christmas, we went back the following day and went ahead and got it. While there, the girls and Mr. A chose ornaments as well. I found one I liked too and while I don't always get a new one each year, it's mainly something for the children to do, I went ahead and got it for CKB and I.

I'll share theirs later on....

And tonight we decided to have dinner out at a local Italian restaurant. After tasting the mozzarella cheese sticks, Mr. E proclaimed: "Well, there are a few reasons I don't like these. First, I don't like the taste. Secondly, the cheese is stretchy. And, third, I thought it was onion."

Hmm, seems he knows how to express himself quite age 4!

Stay tuned for a new project I'm about to begin.

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