Tuesday, August 26, 2008

18 weeks and counting

I haven't updated about our little one in awhile so I thought I would today.

We are "officially" 18 weeks along today. Baby is approximately 5.5" long. I have been feeling flutters for a few weeks now. I have a feeling this is going to be one active baby! Pretty soon he/she will be rolling around and providing a show for the children as they watch mama's tummy move around. I don't mind it too much, except when it starts up right before I'm ready for bed. I don't remember it ever keeping me from sleeping at night though and Lord willing, all the movement this time won't either.

We will have our ultrasound in a few weeks. I'm anxious to SEE my little one again and for CKB to be able to see him/her moving around instead of just the pictures he saw from my first OB visit.

This pregnancy has been a challenge in some ways, but thankfully none of it is health related! It's been hard living in a new area and not having a ready supply of babysitters (not that we had that where we lived before, mind you, but the children were smaller and less numerous and it wasn't such a big deal to take them along for dr. visits then) as well as the fact that I'm SOOOO tired of my maternity clothes - I mean, who wouldn't be after wearing them through 4 prior pregnancies! Some of them were actually worn out - jeans mainly - and looking for new ones has been an interesting adventure. It would seem that "flare" leg jeans are "in style" - joy of joys. I tried on a pair and felt like I had been transported back to the days of the Brady Bunch - I did not keep that pair, the "flare" legs were so wide that I feared for my life if I tried to walk around in them - I was practically tripping over them! The boot cut weren't much better, but at least they were some better so I purchased a pair and went on my merry way. It seems there is a short supply of "straight leg" jeans these days. Wonderful.

If I could just hibernate for 9 mos. it wouldn't matter too much what I wore - oversized tshirts would fit the bill, but alas, we have piano lessons and enrichment classes and services on Sunday to go to....the list never ends of reasons I must leave the house now and then. So, I decided to do some online searching for maternity clothes that didn't make the "model mommies" look ginormous and found some...but they came with hefty price tags and I can't justify that either. So, I will continue on in my current maternity wear with the addition of a few new tops and Lord willing, not have to buy anything larger as January approaches.

As far as my health goes, all is well. I am forever forgetful to take my vitamins, but I try. Baby seems to be doing well as far as anyone can tell at this stage. I look forward to the ultrasound coming up to see how baby looks and his/her development thus far. Lord willing, all is well. I pray each day for the baby to grow healthy and strong. Everyone asks, do you want a boy or girl. I reply, Yes. A healthy baby. :) A boy or girl would be great :)

I added a little "ticker" thingamajig at the top right of the blog in case you want to keep up w/baby's progress.

18 weeks...and counting.

So, where are your favorite places to shop for maternity wear?


Anne said...

When I was pregnant, I did shop at Motherhood Maternity. They had great discount racks in the back of the store.

Ang W. said...


Yes, they sell nursing clothes, which I did. They were loose enough form my expanned tummy. At least the styles I purchased were a T shirt and a dress. I only got a couple of clearance items, as my budget was not big. I looked at K-mart, Target and a like as well. Some of my friends shopped St Vincent De Paul and got some as well for me. I never could afford Motherhood.