Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School's Back in Session

This week marked the beginning of our "school year" as we began easing back into a school routine. We began Monday with math lessons only. Tuesday we added in handwriting. Today we continued with Math and Handwriting and Miss E had her 2nd piano lesson this afternoon. We'll continue adding things in until we're back up to full speed. Shouldn't take too long! The children have been practically begging to get back to doing schoolwork after we ended up taking an unplanned break while grandparents were visiting and then visiting again shortly thereafter.

Here are a few of the things we'll be doing this year -

Handwriting without Tears - the girls continue working on their printing and are also continuing learning cursive, Mr. E works on his printing, upper and lower case each day.

MathUSee - Miss E is in Gamma (multiplication), Miss A is in Alpha, about halfway through, working on getting all of her addition facts memorized before we move on to subtraction. Mr. E has one more lesson to go on Primer and then he will start Alpha (watch out Miss A - he is excited that he might catch up to her!)

Tapestry of Grace Year 1 - we will pick up where we left off after a quick review and continue through history starting at creation with our review and picking up speed through Egypt and beyond.

Easy Grammar Grade 2 - the girls and Mr. E will pick up where we left off in this book after we review all of the grammar rules we have learned so far.

Rosetta Stone Spanish - the girls and Mr. E have begun learning Spanish and will continue with this program

Apologia Botany - the girls and Mr. E will continue our journey through this text as well with a lot of fun experiments and learning along the way.

What will Mr. A be doing during all of this? Learning, of course! He has his own box of crayons - pretty nifty too, they're triangular shaped so as to not roll off the table constantly. Sadly, they're not "unbreakable" though. He seems to like the "snap" he hears when he breaks crayons in half. Must be a boy thing. He will also be learning more about the shapes, colors, letters and numbers that he hasn't already mastered as well as doing crafty things with us along the way and having lots of playtime.

That's just a summary of what we'll be up to - there are always things that get added in just for fun along the way and I'm sure I've forgotten something in my list up there.

Oh yes, and this year we will be trying yet another new thing for us. We've joined a homeschool group that will have enrichment classes on Fridays for 10 Fridays this fall. We will start the first Friday in September. The girls will be in the same classes (level), Mr. E will be in a different level on his own and Mr. A will be in the toddler nursery. I expect to be with Mr. A all day this year. I was so torn about how to split up my day. I wanted to be with each of the children some, but in the end I wasn't ready to leave my "baby" all day. I know he'd probably not even miss me, but still.

So, Churchwood Academy is officially IN SESSION for the 2008-2009 school year!

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Matthew said...

Churchwood Academy - great stuff sis - I can't wait until we start homeschooling with Naomi!