Friday, August 22, 2008

Who knew math could make you famous?

I added this thing called feedjit to the site lately because I'm, well, I'm curious who is coming to the blog and from where. We get a few comments now and then from some of the folks who visit, but by and large people come...and go...with nary a comment to let us know who is reading our exciting news. :)

Today, I noticed that someone came to our blog via the Math U See website. What?!?

So, I clicked on the link and was rewarded with a little thrill! The Math U See blog writer, who is one of Math U See author, Steve Demme's sons, Ethan Demme, was blog surfing and came across our post on Mr. E finishing up Primer this week and he posted about it! Wow!

See for yourself :)

Pretty cool, eh?


Lok said...

lol..... that's pretty cool.

ethan said...

I also agree, pretty cool :-)