Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democratic National Convention - Denver, Obama supports abortion STRONGLY

Well, the Olympics are over, but now it's been the DNC each night lately - ugh! I have NOT been watching that either. Will there ever be anything good on network tv again (has there ever been?)? Probably not! Good thing we have the Food Network to entertain us now and then - although...they did go and ruin the Dinner Impossible show with a new host - oh well.

I found this little, or not so little, news item yesterday and thought it worth mentioning.

Have you heard about this?

A most unpleasant topic, to say the least. The horrific notion that life is a convenience for some - to be ended on a whim, because of a "mistake". Well, some people deem it their right to do just that. What a frightening time we live in where people feel they should make these decisions, to end lives. A child is a child, from the beginning, the moment of conception. I get SO tired of hearing babies referred to as "fetuses" - it is a baby.

Do you want someone in charge of the country who is a faithful supporter of this horrid practice of abortion? If you were thinking of supporting Obama, read through these articles and think again.

For those who weren't - good for you! Read, if you must, to be informed, but try not to dwell on the horror that is abortion.

The article begins:

World's largest sign protests abortion outside DNC
Pro-life president: Group is 'used to cleaning up the mess created by liberals'
Posted: August 26, 2008
9:50 pm Eastern

By Chelsea Schilling
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Democrats and convention goers had a scenic view from their hotel rooms in Denver today – complete with the world's largest sign to remind them about the devastating effects of abortion.

American Right to Life Action, a pro-life organization, has successfully captured a Guinness world record by displaying a 530-foot tall and 666-foot wide abortion protest sign weighing more than 2,700 pounds, sewn together with four miles of stitching linking 2,400 twin sheets.

American Right to Life Action displays message on mountain outside DNC

The sign features bold vertical letters that read "DNC." Each letter is 160 feet tall – roughly the size of a of a junior high school gym. White letters stretch horizontally, reading "Destroys uNborn Children."

It goes on to say:

Rohrbough said the group wants voters to recognize that Democrats have nominated a candidate who will support the killing of unborn children. "We want the public to realize that anyone who promotes killing the innocent is evil and should not be supported," Rohrbough said. "We're trying to point out that the Democrats have aligned themselves with this vicious practice of killing innocent children. The reality is if the candidate doesn't realize it's wrong to kill another person, then they're not fit to govern. It doesn't matter what issue they're right on if they're wrong on the issue of the sanctity of life."

Have you looked closely at the candidates? I don't see how anyone could support this man who clearly supports so many things that go against Biblical beliefs.

To read the full article, go here.

And a few more interesting tidbits about the Democratic 'hopeful'.

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