Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mall Trip

Well, it's been at LEAST two years since we went to a mall...all of us. This past weekend we visited the mall arriving in the morning and walking the length of the mall to see what all they had to offer storewise. We were happy to see Auntie Anne's pretzels - hadn't seen one of those in quite a few years, as well as the carousel we'd been told existed there, although CKB and I agreed the one down in S. TX was still our favorite. There was a Motherhood Maternity store, but it was just too cramped in there and too hot so I didn't stay in there for more than a few minutes without having to leave. There was a Godiva chocolate store there too, but we didn't stop...this time. All in all, it was a nice mall. They even had a little play area for smaller children, but it was being cleaned when we went by so we didn't stop in for a playtime break. I'd probably want to go first thing in the morning if my intent was for the children to play there - there were A LOT of children waiting to get back in there when it was being cleaned. We took the children to the carousel and CKB insisted on taking the children on by himself so I didn't risk losing my balance or tripping, etc. on the carousel. Considering Mr. A was the only one that needed to be held onto once the carousel got underway, I agreed and sat with the stroller and watched as CKB helped each of the children onto their respective horses and then stood with Mr. A between two moms with their little ones. I couldn't have asked for a better Daddy for my children. It's those moments that you never thought you could love someone even more than you already do, that you find out it is possible. Miss E, Miss A and Mr. E waved every time they came past me, but Mr. A sat straight up in his saddle and looked to be in awe of the whole experience. He'd catch sight of me just as the carousel was turning away it seemed and never had enough time to smile - I think he was holding on for dear life - sweet little guy.

After the exciting ride, we went to Auntie Anne's for pretzels and lemonade. Yum. We found a spot to sit and eat our pretzels and relax for a few moments.

As we were leaving, the crowds had gotten considerably thicker and we were thankful we'd gotten there early and were ready to leave at that point.

I could see visiting there again...sometime...if not before baby is born, maybe in about 2 years ;)

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W. Latane Barton said...

What a delightful day for the family. I loved your story of the whole adventure.