Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chivalry isn't dead, not completely

Considering at one point in time that it was no shock to a lady when a gentleman opened a door for her or performed some sort of kindness to help her (carrying her packages for her, etc.), I am surprised when in this day a kindness of this type is shown.

Yesterday, as we were returning from a trip to the store, we slowed down and stopped to watch as some field corn was being harvested. I pulled off to the side of the road and put on the hazards just in case someone else came along and we watched for a few minutes before a pickup rolled past us. A few moments later I noticed it was backing up toward us and the passenger window was being rolled down. I cautiously rolled mine down part of the way almost expecting the driver to issue some diatribe about why I shouldn't be blocking part of the road and instead was pleasantly surprised when the man driving asked if we were okay and said he just wanted to check and make sure we were alright after seeing us pulled off to the side. Wow. I assured him we were fine, that the children just wanted to watch the machinery for a few moments - we're such city folks aren't we? He smiled and headed on his way. When I told CKB about the happenings of our day later, he was glad to know that someone checked on us too.

Another recent instance - last week at Lowe's, I had just finished loading everyone into the van and was about to decide what to do with the "car cart" that was sitting there when a man came along on his way into the store and asked if I was all set w/the cart - I said yes and he grabbed hold of the front and pulled it on with him into the store. I thanked him, naturally, and wondered if he was just some guy going in or an employee. It didn't matter, he was a compassionate person who saw a need and took care of it. Thanks Mr. Lowe's guy!

A few months ago I went to refill our 5 gallon water bottles and when I returned to the van to put them in the back, a man walked past to his truck parked nearby. A moment later he asked if I needed some help getting them into the car. I thanked him, but declined, I have to get some exercise somehow! Of course, now, I leave the refilling to CKB - he went to refill them last night and upon his return, out of curiosity and to confirm what he already felt pretty sure about, he weighed one of the bottles - 5 gallons of water weighs roughly 40 lbs.! So, a gallon of milk is approximately 8 lbs. and that's the heaviest thing you're supposed to lift when pregnant. Ha ha, well, I guess I try except when I need to pick up Mr. A.

Ok, I digressed a bit. I'd like to hear your stories/examples of chivalry in your day to day life. Has anything been done to help you lately that really stood out in your mind?

I pray as we raise our boys, that they will be true gentlemen and open doors for ladies, help others when they can and surprise someone along the way with the fact that chivalry is not dead after all.

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