Monday, August 11, 2008

Gone to be with the Lord

Many of you have heard me mention my dear friend Diana who was like a mom to me when we lived down in S. TX. You also have probably heard me mention her daughter, Julie, and her struggle with ALS, a form of Lou Gehrig's disease in recent years. Diana has been caring for her daughter for much of the past year (or more). This past Saturday morning I received a call from Diana to tell me that Julie is no longer suffering in this world and has gone to be with God. Julie passed on during the night Friday. Please pray for Diana and her family. Please also remember Julie's family - she leaves behind a 14 year old son and a 16 year old daughter, along with her husband. I met Julie a couple of times at Diana's home before her illness and she was a vibrant and very sweet woman.

Her obituary is in the paper today and funeral arrangements are for tomorrow.


Lok said...

oh. I'm so sorry. They will all be in our prayers.

The Tile Lady said...

Very sad news. I think ALS has to be one of the most horrible ailments a person can suffer. That she is no longer suffering has to be a great comfort to her family.

I am Life in Wakefield's daughter M. I look at and enjoy your blog from time to time.