Monday, August 18, 2008

Laundry woes revisited, Tax Free Weekend in Texas

Well, this past weekend happened to be the "tax free shopping weekend" in Texas and since we needed a few things due to the unfortunate...uh...mishap...with the laundry, we figured we might as well get them tax free instead of waiting around to shop during the week. (Laundry update - didn't try WD40, can't bear the chemical smells right now and it just plain isn't good for the baby! Tried another "remedy" I read about to no avail - accepted defeat and "ol' silver" has won this round - I hope there aren't any more episodes in our future!)

Hence, the dreaded weekend trip to Wal-mart. Woe unto those who attempt this feat.

We headed out and arrived just a bit before lunchtime and headed in, knowing full well that it would probably be a madhouse of tax free shoppers buying everything they could think of while saving TAX. We were amazed and pleasantly surprised that for once, on a weekend no less, it wasn't incredibly crowded. Whew! After a quick run through sockland and other necessary items that had been ruined beyond the point of being able to wear them, we picked up backpacks for the 3 older children to carry their lunches and other items in when we start our Enrichment Classes this fall. They were all VERY excited to have their own "pack packs" (as one still calls them) and backpacks for the rest. :) Mr. A was the one sad soul - he didn't get one. They were all bigger than he was! Maybe next year buddy! Besides, we have a few smaller ones at home that he plays with that would suit him just fine if he really feels left out.

Aside from the fact that we were in the store a lot longer than anticipated by this expecting mama which resulted in a quick purchase of a Snickers and bottled water to bring my blood sugar back up, it was a "not so bad" trip to Wallyworld on the weekend.

After I recovered and started feeling better, we made a trip to Target, but that's another post :)

Happy Shopping!


Lepidoptera said...

I am drawn to Miss A's backpack. I like the flowers. I hope their pack pack's serve them well. Did you get one for your lunch too?

The Tile Lady said...

I have to say that the tax free weekend while we were in Texas was most greatly enjoyed in the Outlet Stores S. of San Antonio, especially the Vanity Fair store! They are reasonably priced to start with, and you can get the most wonderful undergarments there! If you haven't been, check it out!!!! There may be another one SE of Houston, too. I mean, I know the Outlets are there--just can't remember if they had a Vanity Fair. Of course, the idea is to get lots of great school stuff, clothes and backpacks, etc but those other items are such a necessity, too, and the Outlets are great, especially on that one tax free weekend!