Monday, August 18, 2008

A Piano Interlude by Miss E

My sweet husband is always doing nice things for me. Recently, for my birthday he gave me my own mp3 player. I will admit I didn't know much about what to even do with a mp3 player. I'm "out of it" technologically speaking, I suppose.

Anyway, today I decided to try out the "record" feature during Miss E's piano practicing and here are 2 short pieces played by Miss E from her "Performance Book" called "In the Jungle" and "The Doorbell".

Miss E chose to also grace you with song and sung along with her own playing. That's something I never could get the hang of when I was playing violin - I could play or I could talk to someone, but never both at the same time w/o seriously messing up what I was playing!

Sorry there's no video - I don't believe we have the right cable for that right now and besides, then I'd have to check her clothes, hair, etc. before posting ;)

Hope you enjoy her playing! She is having a great time and really enjoying her lessons and practice. Wednesday will be her 3rd lesson! Her teacher is a sweet lady and homeschool mom who has told me after both lessons how bright she thinks Miss E is and how she can't wait to get through all the "beginner" stuff and on into notereading - she's afraid Miss E is going to get bored! :)


Lepidoptera said...

I really enjoyed Miss E's singing and playing. The words were completely appropriate. I could not have sung it better myself. Great job, Miss E!

Matthew said...

fantastic Miss E. I can't wait to hear her play when ya'll head our way in October.

When you going to break out your fiddle so ya'll can do some duets?

The Tile Lady said...

Just adorable! She is doing VERY well for having had only two lessons! And she's such a cutie!