Monday, August 18, 2008

Shoes, glorious shoes.....or SHOETOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I didn't get enough sleep last night, give me a break! Besides, coming up with TITLE after TITLE gets a bit cumbersome now and then.

I mentioned we picked up a few other things at Walmart on our tax free weekend shopping excursion - those other things were SHOES for everyone, except CKB and I.

The children all were in need of an upgrade, sizewise, in the tennis shoe department.

Miss A jumped 2 sizes and is now wearing the same size as Miss E - no more hand me downs!

Mr. E jumped one size as did Mr. A.

After outfitting the family in new tennis shoes, we were done and headed on over to Target because, I, ahem, actually had seen some shoes in a previous ad that I wanted to look at in person. Now, normally I don't have much time for shoe shopping so this was a big treat. I also normally don't own more than one pair of black shoes, and maybe one pair of brown so the potential of having more than one was a tad strange - whatever would I do with more than one pair of shoes for church?

CKB and Mr. E headed off to the game/electronics section with Mr. A in tow. The girls and I hit the shoe section. The first pair I tried on were gray and black with a little bow on the toe. Miss A took one look and exclaimed LOUDLY "You're a teacher!" :) I don't know why she decided to say that or what it was about the shoes that said "Teacher's must wear this shoe", but the lady on the aisle with us got a big kick out of it.

After trying on a few pairs, I found some I liked and we headed off to find the guys. They were perusing the toy section while they waited for us to catch up with them.

I am now in possession of 2 pairs of "fancy shoes" that put my standard issue sandals to shame. They have heels - eek - CKB does not like me to wear heels of any size when I'm expecting. Understandably, that's not the time to be falling or twisting an ankle. I promised to be careful if I do, in fact, wear them before baby is born or any time thereafter. For now, I'll just enjoy knowing they're here, waiting.

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