Monday, September 29, 2008

Boys and Girls Jeans on Sale at Target this week - $7 a pair!

This is the sale I've been waiting for - the children wear jeans most of the time and they are regularly $9.99 a pair. They are on sale this week for $7 a pair - yay!

Yesterday, I picked up an extra pair of the girls' current sizes for each of them as well as 2 pairs of black pants (they're also $7 and also are available in khaki and pink), and 4 pairs of the next size up for Miss E (well, actually 2 sizes up, I already had the next size up covered, but got one extra), I think we picked up a total of 9 pairs for $63 instead of the $90 they would cost at regular prices. So glad to have picked up the paper yesterday and saw this sale! It's not often I see jeans on any type of clearance, so this is usually the best sale I see on them. I need to take a look at the ones Miss E is currently wearing to see if I need to get more of that size (which is the next size for Miss A) because they're starting to get to the age where they seem to wear out clothes and we can't pass everything down any more! I also need to see what Mr. E might need - I don't know why I didn't think about getting more for him in the next size as well! Looks like another trip to Target this week is on the horizon...

We stopped buying jeans at Wal-mart awhile ago because all they seemed to have were hip huggers - definitely not appropriate for young ladies.

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