Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm blessed to have children who share!

They share everything with me...their crayons, their drawings, their games, their hugs and kisses and their illnesses sometimes...I've sneezed so many times today I've lost count! Is it possible for once that I'm going to have the illness worse than they are? Usually I don't get sick when they do or it's very mild...sigh...anyone know how to buy stock in Kleenex? At least overall I feel ok, just keep having to run for the tissue box...might have to buy more lotion for my dried out hands from all the washing today!

Happy Fall Y'all! We'll try to NOT share these goodies w/y'all :)

*I wrote this yesterday afternoon and didn't post it - my throat is now nice and sore, I won't go into other details, but suffice it to say I think I have a lovely sinus infection brewing - yay me! I am a stubborn one and refuse to take anything, even Tylenol unless I'm completely miserable, while I'm pregnant. Yes, yes, I know, they have a list of "approved medicines", but why take a chance with this precious life that God has given us? Anyway, not to sound like a martyr or anything, but simply to say that that's my stance on it. Now, to go lie on the couch and rest - today might be a movie day for the kiddos - it's pretty rare that I'm the one who's sick and they're all well!

Also, the children seem to be over this and it only lasted 24 hrs. for them - yay!

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W. Latane Barton said...

The sinus stuff seems to be going around.. I am fighting it here in Va. crazy ragweed I think. Hope you feel better real soon.