Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marble (or in our case, Ball) Painting!

I ran across this fun idea over at
and decided to give it a whirl or a shake or...well, you'll see.

I would like to say I have step by step pictures, but trying to do this with 4 children and not having 4 containers that I wanted to potentially toss because the paint didn't wash out, I will have to say I don't because I was too busy washing the plastic box we used each time to take step by step pics! But, you can see step by step over at if you really need them!

Step 1 - decide you want to deal with paint that day :)
Step 2 - gather materials (Paint, marble or small ball depending on age of child and what you're comfortable with, box or bowl - with lid is a bonus if your child is young and wants to really shake shake shake the box/bowl!)
Step 3 - Cut paper to fit in bottom of box/bowl
Step 4 - Add a few globs of paint - whatever color(s) your child prefers (I had one who just wanted blue, one who wanted red and yellow, one who wanted blue and black and one who kept pointing to every single bottle of paint we had and, well, you can guess which one of the pictures was his! And probably which child it was, too!)
Step 5 - drop ball/marble into box and ROLLLLL it all around until your child is happy with the result
Step 6 - remove said ball/marble and carefully remove paper and allow to dry

VOILA! You have a beautiful marble (ball) painting! I decided to frame the children's art and put it on the wall - I finally got them into the frame yesterday and put them on the wall - what do you think?

Top left (Mr. E), Top right (Mr. A)
Bottom left (Miss A), Bottom right (Miss E)

If you have a moving box on hand and want to do this on a larger scale, I say GO FOR IT and you'll have some unique wrapping paper to use this Christmas!

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The Tile Lady said...

Just adorable! I know they had fun with this project!