Thursday, September 11, 2008

Miss E and Miss A play piano and Mr. A sings "Nothing But the Blood" - sort of :)

Well, it's a musical afternoon here. Miss E just finished her piano practice for the day. Her lesson was yesterday and due to a student being on vacation this week, Miss E got a little bit longer of a lesson than usual. Thanks Mrs. C!

As a result, she has a few more pieces to practice this week and today it took 32 mn. for her practice. She was surprised when I told her how long she'd practiced - she said it didn't seem that long! I told her she must have been enjoying herself :)

Here are a few of her new pieces -

First you'll hear one that may sound familiar: "Ode to Joy"
Second, her first piece with a dotted half note - "Hey Mr. Half Note Dot"
Third, a song about my favorite furry creatures - "Song About Cats"
Lastly, a good song to start our days - "School Bell is Ringing" (not that we have a school bell...just me hollering that it's time to start our schoolwork!) :)

Enjoy! Oh, and Melissa, do you recognize Miss E's "skirt"? ;)

A few days ago I tried, without a terrible amount of success to record Mr. A singing his favorite song these days - "Nothing But the Blood"

He was preoccupied with my mp3 player and every time the lights went off on the screen he would stop singing and tell me it was off. I had to push a button to get the screen to light back up (hence the clicking noises you'll hear). When he's singing it on his own he usually loops through the chorus a few times - it's so sweet to hear him - he gets loud, then whispers, then loud again - whatever strikes him at the time. It's a blessing to listen to his little voice singing the songs of Zion. In one of the attempts, he doesn't want to sing anymore and his siblings decide to get in on the recording and start singing - you then can hear Mr. A shushing them :) Yes, complete w/his little finger up to his lips while doing so. Sorry, no picture of that to share!

Enjoy! Sing along if you like (and can figure out where he is in the song!) (and ignore me on the recordings - I was just trying to encourage him along!)

"Nothing But the Blood"

What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
O precious is the flow, That makes me white as snow
No other fount I know, Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Just when I thought I was done for the day, Miss A asked that I record her and put it on the blog :) She has pretty much taught herself since Miss E began lessons - looks like we might have two taking lessons next year!

Here she plays "The Shepherd's Flute" and then plays it a second time and sings the words. She follows up with "Wind in the Trees" and then a second run with the words.


The Tile Lady said...

So adorable, Cab. Wow, the kids are learning fast and they appear to be enjoying the learning process! I looked, by the way at the Sail to the New World link, and even though I don't homeschool, I thought it might be a good resource for my daughter to use with my grandson during vacation times from school. I might order it.

Anonymous said...

How cute! That should inspire me to sew -LOL!

We fared well - not a drop of rain or any wind. Pray for those in Houston.

CAB said...

Tile Lady :)

Let me know if you do order the Tapestry Sail to the New World and how y'all like it. We're in the early days with Creation and going into Egypt soon!

CAB said...

Melissa -

I don't know why she likes to wear the poncho as a skirt, but it works...sort of...until Mr. A pulls on it! Anyway, they still play dress up with them and enjoy them as much as they did when you gave them to them! Thanks again :)

Now, what are you going to sew? ;)

The Tile Lady said...

I will let you know, cab, about the dvd. Have a great day!