Monday, September 29, 2008

Lakeside Collection - 18" dolls and Baby Dolls!

Last year the girls each got an 18" doll, not an American Girl doll, mind you, but the Our Generation brand from Target. They were pleased as punch and so was our pocketbook!

Today I noticed some 18" dolls available in the Lakeside Collection catalog even less expensive than the ones we purchased last year at Target (approx. $25-$29 if memory serves...which it usually doesn't, so check for yourself to be sure!). No, the girls don't need another doll this year, but I wanted to share the information in case there are others out there looking for a doll for their girls this Christmas :) The Lakeside Collection dolls run $16.95 before shipping.

Here's the link!

Lakeside Collection 18" dolls

Hope this helps someone!

And, if your little one isn't quite ready for the 18" dolls, these are too cute and made for the younger crowd! Only $8.95 for doll w/bag! Now, if only I got paid for doing endorsements! Ha ha :)

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The Tile Lady said...

These are just adorable! Glad you decided to share the info...we don't have a single "little girl" in our family right now, but the baby doll with the diaper bag would be the perfect thing to give to the family who helped us move out of our house for their little girl! It also would make a great Toys for Tots gift!!!