Sunday, September 21, 2008

Something's Going On

The whole crew seems to have come down with some sort of sinus infection/viral bug/something. Sore throats abound and restless sleep thus far tonight. Sigh. I don't like to be sick myself and I sure don't like to see any of them sick. I guess I should've known it was coming when Miss A came in and woke me up last night to tell me her throat was hurting. Ugh. I thought Mr. E was going to get sick tonight, but he didn' of right now anyway. I pray it's not a stomach bug - those are the worst.

Please pray for my little ones to be better soon. Miss A has the worst of it w/fever at the moment, and Miss E seems to be feeling the best. The boys are having trouble sleeping. They're all different, in every way!

Good night. Hope everyone gets some sleep...and that I do too which would mean the children are sleeping well.

UPDATE: After midnight, there weren't any more least if there were, I didn't hear them! No, seriously, I'm very thankful to say that everyone was able to sleep through the night after that. Yay! I'm a wee bit tired this morning, but Lord willing will get to lay down this afternoon during naptime/quiet time. Mr. A and Mr. E are "sniffly" this morning, but no temps...right now. Miss E is acting quite normal and doesn't seem to be sniffling at all, she may not have gotten this bug like the others even though she had a low grade temp. last night. Miss A is still in bed and I plan to let her sleep as late as she can today so her body can rest and heal from this sickness. I think she's been hit the hardest with it.


Lok said...

Poor babies and parental units. I'm so sorry! Hope it passes soon - everyone eat soup and rest today.

W. Latane Barton said...

I always hated it when the little ones got sick. And, I feel for you, too. Hope they get to feeling better real soon.

Amanda Deardorff said...

I hope they all get to feeling better! Several kids in my class have been sick with the same kind of thing. Perhaps it won't last long!