Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Math Blaster Game

Well, I was looking for a math game to help reinforce the math facts the children are learning and had noticed Math Blaster at the stores a few times. Long ago, in a house far away, as a child we had a Math Blaster game that I remembered being fun and that did just what I wanted, asked math questions, I answered them and was rewarded with little rockets shooting into the "sky" or some such entertainment. So, I finally decided to get the new version and give it a try.

It arrived last week and I excitedly installed it - remembering days gone by - filled with nostalgia...it didn't last long. The game has changed tremendously - not only have the graphics been "updated" (see image above...the first little image is probably what it looked like when I was playing it in the '80s), but the game is hard to maneuver within and it was somewhat torturous to play. I tried it for a little while and finally stepped away from the computer in disgust over the $30 I'd spent on it.

I may let the children try it - maybe they're more coordinated than I am w/the arrow keys and how the game is set up to utilize them...we'll see. For now though I will issue a hearty THUMBS DOWN on this game. I wish I could just get a copy of the old version - from the '80s...ahem...or some such time frame from my youth.

Anyone know of any other math games we might look into? Right now I have 2 children working on addition facts, one about to start subtraction and one working in multiplication.

Back to the oldies, but goodies...flash cards :)


Ang W. said...

I have read about Times Attack for multiplication many times on the MUS group. There is a program for computers called quarter mile math I have read about that many seem to like but not all.

There was an old one at the library we chucked out many time I have lost the name for though. It was Numbers (something) with a plain yellow cover with black letters.


CAB said...

Thanks, I'll keep my eyes open for others - I've heard about the Times Attack as well and might look into it for my multiplication student - thanks for the reminder!

Ang W. said...

I thought I included "Quarter Mile Math" as well. It is a computer program. Many recommend while a few are not excited about it. You race a horse, or a car in it as you answer trying to beat your previous time.

How could I not mention Math-It great game. This one is a physical hands on game not a computer one. Long been a favorite in our home educating.

Sorry about that.

Called by the Lord,
Ang W.

CAB said...

Great, thanks for the suggestions! I'll look into those!