Saturday, September 27, 2008

There's a Snake in my Garage!

Yes, a snake.

I could handle the mice (yes, we have mice in there too!) - they would run off when I stomped out into the garage, but a snake!

Last night when CKB came in late from a church meeting (the children and I were still too sick to go with him unfortunately), he opened the garage to put the recycling bin in there and as he approached the garage he saw a snake slither in...from around the base of the bush next to the front door, no less! Ack! He said that from what he could tell in the light coming from the garage door opener light, he didn't think it was poisonous...but it's a SNAKE! in my GARAGE! attached to the HOUSE!


On the bright side, maybe it'll eat all the mice that keep coming in there, but I think I'd prefer the sticky trap method of getting rid of the mice over the snake slithering around in there any day!

Now, with alllll the boxes of stuff in there, we'll never know for sure if the snake has "left the building" or, FOR NOW, the garage is OFFFFFFFF LIMITS for me and the children. Awww. It was my favorite place to hang out! ;) I'm kidding, but seriously....a snake!

You'd think we lived in the country or something! We're in a neighborhood, but not far from corn fields....hence, the mice. Now...a snake....I never thought a snake would come around....skunks maybe, but a snake....

Ok, I guess by now you can tell I'm not thrilled with this new all.

Maybe it slithered back out in the night...will we ever know...for sure? Probably not until it's time to move. Guess who's NOT going to be out there touching any of those boxes?

Yep! ME!


W. Latane Barton said...

I am another one who hates snakes. I have two scary snake when I was a child. Mother washed outside in a washpot, drawing water from the well. But, one summer the well about went dry so she took the clothes down to the creek to wash them. I was about 4, I guess, and she decided to leave me playing in a tub of water while she went to the house to hang out clothes to dry. She could keep an eye on me. Only... I saw a snake slithering through the grass coming right toward that tub. So, what do I do? I jumped out and ran for my mother.

The other tale was not too long ago, maybe 10, 15 years or so when we were living in Alabama. My husband decided to move a pile of logs out at the edge of the yard. I heard him calling me so I went out there. And, when I stopped walking and looked down I was standing in the midst of a pile of cottonmouths. I about died. Luckily Hubby had already killed them but I still was petrified.

That what living in the country will do for you. We've been in town here nine years and I've not seen one snake in my yard.

Okay.... I'll probably step on one tomorrow.

The Tile Lady said...

AHHHH! Well, I hope the snake took off! I did that once when I was young, had a snake come IN THE HOUSE and I just left and was gone for three days. When I came back, I had no way of knowing if it was still there! But, I never saw it again, fortunately! :-) So, I imagine your snake will find it's way out as well.

CAB said...

I think I would've fainted to be sure if I was standing in a pile of snakes - dead or not!

Tile Lady - Gone for 3 days, eh? I don't know where we'd got for that long w/the children, but at least the snake is out in the far as I know...or maybe it's gone by now? One can hope!

Teacher/Mom said...

I'd blow up the garage! Well, not really, but I'd never park in there until I had proof it was gone. I grew up on a hobby farm and happened to have a gift at finding snakes. I didn't want that gift. I used to take our riding lawn mower and park it over them with the blades going. My Dad could never figure out why the blades needed sharpening so often! I justify that by pointing out that it is a Biblical reaction - I'm supposed to crush his head!