Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cherish Them!

A friend that I am ashamed to say I haven't kept up with as well as I should over the past few years surprised me with a wonderful showing of her love for me and my family this past week. She sent a package filled with goodies not only for our new baby, but something for each of the other children as well!

I won't embarrass her by calling her name, she knows who she is, but I will say that this was just such an incredibly thoughtful thing to do and we so appreciate it! The children were thrilled with the Legos, Drawing Pads and markers/crayons, Princess game and more. The Legos were an instant hit and were enjoyed by all, even the big kid ;)

After they were played with for awhile (the package arrived on Friday which is when we have "Family Fun Night" and play games and whatnot), the girls and I played a round of "Pretty Pretty Princess". It's a game of chance, not skill, and one they can play easily on their own, which is always nice when I can't sit down to play a game with them. The first round, I won, so I sat the next 2 rounds out in hopes that they would each win. I believe Miss E won both, but Miss A wasn't too upset since she was having fun playing dress-up all the while. The game has plastic jewelry and a crown along with a black ring. The object is to have one of each piece of jewelry and the crown, but NOT the black ring. We had a good conversation and reminder lesson about vanity during the course of the game and then they just had fun dressing up. I can see the girls putting on dress-up clothes BEFORE they get the game out next time!

So, just a reminder to everyone, cherish the friends you have! I often think "hmm, maybe I should send so and so a card or flowers "just because" or some small gift just to let them know I'm thinking about them when time and/or miles have separated us and more and more, I am thankful to say, I'm trying to take the time to do it and am so glad when I do. To all my dear friends, please know how much I cherish every one of you!

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The Tile Lady said...

Oh, I agree so emphatically! I once did not "bother" a friend I knew was quite busy over a period of about six months, only to learn that she had died. She had stomach cancer and went very quickly and I was so shocked to know this had happened, and I had lost someone I treasured, so suddenly....but also shocked that she never called me while she was ill. I would have sat by her bedside, and fed her soup. I would have watched her children. But she never called. I not only lost my friend, I lost a lot more....and I vowed I would never ignore my friends for long periods of time ever again!

We need to hold every loved one dear, our spouse and children, our parents, our siblings and friends and even neighbors we barely know....Every small kindness means so much!