Saturday, September 27, 2008

Domino Math Game for the Whole Family!

Last night was our Friday Family Fun Night, however, CKB wasn't home. One of the local PB churches was hosting their annual meeting and he headed over for evening services after he left work. The children and I are still sick and therefore stayed home...with our germs. fun night went something like this...

I made pizza again - Miss E commented that "Every time you make pizza, it looks more like the pizza from restaurants, Mama!" - gee, really? I guess I'm doing an o.k. job then! ;)

We had one pepperoni and one cheese with NO SAUCE!

Afterward, we had Blue Bell Vanilla Bean Ice Cream in fudge coated cones - yum!

Then, it was cleanup time - the children tidied up and then we began our game time.

I decided to pull out the dominoes and we played a few games I made up. I first pulled out up to double 6 and shuffled them and we began "Domino Math!" - who said you can't learn while you're having fun?

I shot a domino across the table at each of the children, one at a time and depending on who it was, they had a different problem to answer. Mr. A (2 years old) told me what color the dots were, Mr. E and Miss A (ages 4 and 6 respectively) added the two sides of the domino (in a few weeks, Miss A will subtract instead :) ) and Miss E (age 7) multiplied the two sides of her domino. We continued around the table until all the dominoes were gone from the pile...reshuffled and did this again, two more times adding in up to double 9 at some point, which made for harder problems and everyone did a fantastic job!

Then, we played chicken foot :) except I forgot you need up to the double 9's for this game and had given the 7's through 9's to Mr. A to play with while we were playing chickenfoot....oh well, I guess we played a modified game, it was still fun and next time I'll remember to use all the dominoes :)

So, that was our fun night - everyone enjoyed it, we reviewed some math facts and the children were in bed by 10...yawn. Then, bless them, they didn't get up 'til around 8 a.m. this morning.

Then, CKB got home and shared some exciting the next post to find out what it sure got my heart racing!


The Tile Lady said...

CAB, love the new look of the blog! That domino math game sounds great! It reminded me of playing cards with Grandson C....I would shuffle and deal him half and me half. Then we would take turns laying a card down, and if the card was greater than the last one, that person took them both (or all). This is a real game, I think, but what I did at the end, when all the cards were gone from the pile, was have Grandson C count how many cards he had, instead of adding up the values of the cards, to find out who won. It helped him with his counting to high numbers. Plus, during the game, he had to know when a card's value was greater than the last one put down. So, this too was kind've a math game.

You have wonderful imagination in figuring out things to do with the kids! Take care....

Pam said...

Great job on the blog CAB! Love the background!! :-) Glad to help. Your domino game sounds really fun too, you are a creative mama! Sorry about the snake. :-( That would be totally freaking me out too, and I'm not prego.