Monday, September 8, 2008

What's a person have to do? First day at co-op, too.

I guess y'all are needing something on a lighter note - all the politics scaring everyone off? Oh well :)

Seriously though - I see TONS of folks come through the blog and noone stops to comment - boo hoo - I will say how cool it is to see people from all sorts of interesting countries have visited - now, if only I could find out how they found the blog and what keeps them coming back - THAT would be interesting (hint hint y'all).

Anyway! We've been BUSY - our co-op started Friday - a.k.a. Enrichment Classes - I am in the toddler class with Mr. A to start off the day - I will admit to tears welling up as I watched my elder 3 walk away to their classes - boo hoo - but I managed to keep any tears from escaping for the sake of my little guy who picks up on everything!

We had assembly and then 2nd hour I was with my big guy, Mr. E for a class about books. He told me later that that was his favorite class b/c I was with him - awwwwww. Who knew boys could be SO sweet! (ME!!!)

3rd hour I was back in the toddler class with my baby, I mean, my toddler, Mr. A - he was so glad to see me, as was I, him! It was hard to leave him to go work w/Mr. E's class. We had a good time playing and reading books, then prepped all the children for lunch and headed out to meet the other moms w/their children and then I found all of my crew and we sat down for a picnic lunch on the gym floor - that might be my last lunch on the floor - owwweee, not as comfy as this 5 mo. pregnant lady thought it would be :) Next time, we'll see. After a relaxing lunch, allbeit uncomfortable, we headed off to 4th hour - I was with the girls this time (due to their ages, they are in the same class each hour) - GYM - hmm, I'm glad to be w/the girls, but what on earth am *I* going to be doing in GYM class in my "condition"??? Well, we played a modified baseball game of sorts and I fielded some, but I will confess to being WORN OUT when we got home later.

All in all we had a good day - Mr. A was unhappy during the times I was away from him, especially the last hour (2nd hour was snacktime and I think that helped distract him), and Mr. E was sad b/c his last class they told him they were going outside to play ball and then didn't b/c it was too hot or something, but overall a good, tiring, day.

In the Spring, I don't believe we'll be rejoining the co-op due to baby being born in January, so I'll probably try to add in some more "fun" stuff for the children during that time and I recently found a fun blog that will no doubt provide some inspiration - if you haven't already visited from the link on the sidebar, you might want to now:

The children were all very excited to share w/their Daddy about their day - I collapsed on the couch when we got home for a little while to rest :) Later, we had homemade pizza for dinner and Family Fun Night commenced.

Hope y'all had a good weekend!


W. Latane Barton said...

Hi, C. I don't comment as much as I should and then I complain up a storm that people don't on mine. Gotta fix that.

I enjoy every post you do. I just admire you so much. I had 5 children but they ended up being '3 different families' ha. My first was 2 years older than the 2nd. But, we lost our little boy who was the 2nd child. So there was a 4 year gap between the living children when #3 came along. 14 months later I had #4. Then it was 6 years before I had #5. Children are such blessings given to us from above. I enjoy my grown ones just like I did when they were little. My youngest is now 44. I can't believe it.

Lok said...

I'm not ignoring you!!! I read and enjoy and then rush off to something else and never stop to comment. It's not for lack of appreciation though - I promise! :-)

Are y'all finding out the sex of the baby? I can't remember. My vote is still PINK. ;-)

The Tile Lady said...

Enjoyed this post about the co-op. When I have time to check my blogs, I always start at the bottom of the list (where Mom is :-)because she was the first one I listed) and work my way up. Some days I don't get very far before I have to stop and come back another day, but I try to comment on every second or third post if I can. Other days when I am being adventurous, I see who is on other people's bloglists and I have found some wonderful ones to add to my list by doing that! So my list just keeps getting longer! :-)

Your family is adorable, and I love the courage and commitment you express in home-schooling. God bless you and yours!

Marie (daughter M, The Tile Lady)

CAB said...

Aww, thanks y'all.

And yes, LOK, we go to the ultrasound TOMORROW (WED.) - and hope to find out!

The girls want a girl, too :)