Monday, September 22, 2008

Choose Your Own Adventure Books - remember those?

While at the local Half Price Books store recently we found 1 Choose Your Own Adventure book on the shelves. I asked a girl working there and was told they have a bunch sometimes and other times there aren't any to be found. I remember reading these when I was younger and thought the girls might enjoy them. So, we brought home the one we found and commenced reading it together at bedtime. (Of course, Miss E had already read through it about 5 times by then on her own!). My goal was to try to start getting Miss A more interested in chapter books and I think it's working! She has been asking for me to read it with them each night lately to see what'll happen in each of the different scenarios. Yay! Now, to get her to read a similar size book on her own - I'll have to look for more of these!

Miss E reads anything we let her read and her favorite books are the "Little House" series. Another favorite with the 3 older children is the "I Spy" series. Mr. E and Miss A were sitting on the couch a few days ago looking through one of those and trying to find all the hidden objects.

We found a treasury of "Curious George" stories at Half Price Books that same day and the boys and I have been reading a story out of it each night lately. It's interesting because the stories are different from the PBS shows. Professor Wiseman is a man in the stories, but a woman on the PBS shows. Why did they change that? A lot of things that happen to George in the books are in the PBS shows, but the circumstances surrounding the incidences are changed for the PBS shows. Again, the stories in the book seem fine and engaging - so why change them? Regardless, thus far we have enjoyed the stories and the children also enjoy the PBS show.
Mr. E also enjoys train stories, of course.

So, what are your little ones reading these days? It's always fun to discover a new book that we haven't been exposed to yet!

One new series I just found out about is mentioned at this blog:

I plan to look into these for Miss A!

and possibly these:

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The Tile Lady said...

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